Lachlan Lade

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I am Lachlan Lade, an actor working and living in Brisbane, Australia.


My years during primary and secondary education were spent taking part in all extra activities I could manage. This thankfully led to roles of leadership in both the Academics and Arts of Proserpine High School. Resulting from these performances and the fulfilment I received, changed my focus from the sciences at the time too a much stronger passion, performing.

Being active in musicals and the High School band for many years. I have become very comfortable and realised what abilities were required to engage an audience and have managed to do this successfully. Realising this, I found fulfilment that flourishes through the arts.

Now living in Brisbane for the last 4 years, pursuing my dreams and goals, designing the life I desire. I’ve been employed in a range of industries, always striving to chart my own course, rather than follow the crowd.

I joined Agency 888 in 2015 where I jumped at any opportunity to get a taste of what the industry had to offer. Grateful for the opportunities working in films such as Aqua-man and Danger Close, a desire for more has been kindled.

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Be Ruthless with the things that do not direct you towards your goals

Ryan Holiday

New HEAD SHOTS are in!

New HEAD SHOTS are in!

SLIDES are on the way!

SLIDES are on the way!


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